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Using WhatsApp To Manage Your Talent Referral Programme


An employee referral programme is a process where employees recommend job applicants from their network for selected job vacancies. Employee referral programmes play a vital role in helping employers acquire difficult to source talent directly.


Benefits of an employee referral programme

Referred candidates are typically cheaper and faster to hire and they stay at their jobs longer than traditional hires.

Through referral programmes, employers gain quick access to talent without paying expensive agency fees. This approach is also effective for tapping into specialist or niche talent groups. It works on the principle that ‘good people know good people’, making employees a powerful source of prospective talent.

Any referral programme should be clear on the benefits of referring suitable candidates. Typically, employees receive rewards for referred candidates successfully hired. Some companies offer financial incentives while others offer perks, such as days off. Social recognition and altruistic bonuses are also great ways to reward your employees.


Automating your referral programme

Whilst an employee referral programme is a powerful talent sourcing tool for employers, managing a referral programme manually is challenging - like keeping a record of referred talent and who referred them, and managing ongoing engagement with referred talent and referees alike.  Employee referral software helps HR automate employee referral programmes. This ensures that an efficient, effective, and compliant process is maintained throughout. It also helps deliver a great user experience to both referrer and referee alike, reinforcing an employer’s brand reputation.

With over 24 million users in South Africa, WhatsApp is an ideal channel to drive an effective talent referral process. By leveraging the number of users on WhatsApp, as well as the platform’s convenience and accessibility, you can make the process so much easier for referrers!


Using WhatsApp & txthr for your recruitment

graylink’s txtrefer solution is a mobile chatbot built to automate HR workloads via WhatsApp. This includes referral automation, offering employees a quick and convenient way to refer talent. For every new candidate received, the txtrefer referral chatbot automates the capturing, pre-screening, and categorisation of referred talent.

txtrefer can send SMS invitations to referred talent meeting specific criteria, enabling them to provide additional information requested by the bot, like a CV document, video, or location pin.

Using secure APIs, txtrefer can share pre-screened talent referrals with any internal HR system - like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) - for ongoing tracking, ranking, and management. Alternatively, it can alert recruiters via email when there is a new referral meeting your hiring criteria.

txtrefer also automates other forms of communication via WhatsApp, including informing candidates if their application was successful or not. For easy candidate data management, the software provides robust reporting, configurable workflows, POPIA compliance, and other talent management features.


The bottom line

Want to useWhatsApp to improve your employee referral programme and acquire difficult-to-source talent directly? Speak to us today to unleash your most powerful talent sourcing weapon, your employees.