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Reporting & Insights

Unleash the Power of Data

In today's data-driven world, accessing the right insights at the right time is pivotal. graylink's comprehensive Reporting & Insights features enable you to navigate the sea of recruitment data, extracting actionable insights and driving data-informed decision-making.

Job Reporting

Leverage detailed reports on jobs, capturing metrics like source of application, time-to-fill, and cost-per-hire. These insights help you evaluate your recruitment strategies and optimize for better results.

Candidate Reporting

Gain a deep understanding of your candidate pool with candidate-centric reports. Assess candidate quality, source effectiveness, and other key metrics to refine your talent acquisition efforts.

Applicant Reporting

Track the progress of every application with dedicated applicant reports. Understand the bottlenecks in your hiring process and work towards improving applicant experience and conversion rates.

Recruiter Reporting

Measure recruiter performance with comprehensive recruiter reports. Understand workload, efficiency, and effectiveness to balance tasks and drive productivity.

Agent Reporting

Monitor recruitment agency contributions with dedicated agent reports. Evaluate agency performance, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with your recruitment goals.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Customise your reports based on your unique requirements. Whether it's a mix of different data points or a deep-dive into a specific aspect, graylink's ad-hoc reporting capabilities have you covered.

Aggregate Dashboards

Gain an overview of your recruitment operations with aggregate dashboards. Monitor key metrics, identify trends, and stay informed about your recruitment performance at a glance.

Job Dashboards

Track the status of individual jobs with job-specific dashboards. Stay updated on applications, interviews, offers, and more, all in real-time.

BI & Data Warehouse Integration

Connect with your preferred BI tools and data warehouses for enhanced data analysis and visualisation. Get a holistic view of your recruitment performance and align it with your overall business strategy.

Recruitment reporting & insights

Turn your recruitment data into a strategic advantage, driving effective decision-making and continuous improvement. Unlock the power of data and lead your recruitment operations to success.