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Digital talent solutions

 Find, keep, and manage talent, digitally 

External recruitment

Fill your job openings with externally sourced applicants.

Internal recruitment

Engage employees with internal job openings. 

Grad recruitment

Streamline your graduate programme with chatbots, mobile campaign pages and personalisation.

Volume recruitment

Automate high-volume entry level and blue collar recruiting with SMS, WhatsApp and/or mobile web chatbots.

Seasonal recruitment

Engage seasonal workers quickly and easily via SMS, WhatsApp and/or mobile web. Automate screening and selection.

Internship recruitment

Manage high-volume internship programmes quickly and easily including document compliance, background checking and assessment.

Permanent Recruitment

Manage all permanent hiring across your organisation - from entry-level to C-suite.

Temporary Recruitment

Recruit talent for fixed-term, project- or task-based contracts.

Contract Recruitment

Hire contract workers to perform a job or task.

Talent referrals

Leverage your employees to source high quality passive talent.

Talent acquisition

Engage right-fit talent quickly and direct with multi-job posting including social channels, search engines, job boards and aggregators.

Talent CRM

Build and nurture relationships with current, past and potential future candidates.

Talent chatbots

Engage and qualify candidates faster, and deliver a better candidate experience.

Talent analytics

Turn data into actionable insights, and make better recruiting decisions faster.

Multi-company recruitment 

Reduce costs, enhance organisational alignment and leverage parent/child synergies with a multi-tenancy deployment.

All solutions include

  • Secure cloud delivery

  • Service level agreement

  • Multi-channel support

Optimize your talent processes with intelligent automation

Automate processes, improve engagement, enforce compliance and get insights, with omnichannel digital talent solutions.