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Chatbot to automate employee talent referrals

Unleash your most powerful talent sourcing weapon, your employee

Employee talent referrals...

  • The best hires, according to 88% of employers

  • A great culture fit, according to 70% of employers

  • 25% more profitable than peers

  • Stay at their job at 2x the rate of job board candidates

  • Get placed fastest


Chatbot for employee referral automation

Managing an employee talent referral programme manually is time consuming, inefficient, and ineffective. By automating it, txtrefer enables you to source high quality passive talent quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.
txthr_refer_process _flow

Convenient access

Runs on WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app. Web and SMS chatbots also available.

Captures data, in-chat

Caters for multiple file types and formats inc. docs, media and location.

Configurable workflows

Supports your specific referral process and data requirements.

Personalised engagement

Engages referrers and referees throughout the process, conversationally.

Audit trails

Keep account of who referred whom when, and generate referral reports.


Interfaces with your ATS

Plugs into your existing recruiting workflow/ system via API for seamless process flow.

Used by

Pricing from as little as R0.50 per referral

  • Secure cloud delivery

  • Managed SLA

  • Multi-channel support


What is a conversation?

Conversations are set up to automate documentation submissions and processes, like leave, recruitment, internal surveys, and performance reviews. Each conversations workflow has its own approval rules, fulfilment tasks, and process alerts. HR workflow automation can speed up HR processes and improve their efficiency without compromising on security.

What types of data can txthr accommodate

Depending on the delivery channel activated, txthr enables multiple data formats to be collected in-chat. These includes:

  • Files and documents
  • Media
  • Location
  • Text 
  • Contacts
How much does txthr cost?

Subscription plans are based on the number of conversations and active workflow automations required. 

Included in all subscriptions:

  • Software licenses & upgrades
  • Secure AWS hosting
  • Local support
  • Unlimited user-initiated messages per month


Premium subscriptions include: 

  • a larger conversations allocation
  • a dedicated WhatsApp for Business and/or SMS number
  • your own company logo
How flexible is txthr?

Workflow automations are designed to support your specific process, logic and integration requirements.

Commercially, flexible subscription plans allow you to scale your subscription up or down based on the number of MAUs (monthly active users) and/ or workflow automations to meet your organisations HR & recruitment needs both now and in the future.

Is my data secure with txthr?

txthr’s native end-to-end encryption enhances security, a key requirement when delivering business-critical processes and handling personal and private information.

txthr is hosted at AWS. With AWS you benefit from a data center, network architecture and application built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. txthr also complies with data privacy laws like GDPR and POPIA.

Does txthr include support?

Our local support team understands the unique conditions and challenges faced by local employers. We provide unique insight & best practice understanding to help drive your HR success.

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