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Why you should automate your HR processes

HR teams typically spend a lot of their time and resources on the administration involved in essential HR processes (think leave management, recruitment, employee information updates, onboarding, offboarding or performance management).

Manual administration can be time-consuming and costly. Information is often scattered and difficult to collate, leading to delayed or ineffective reporting, which affects management decisions.

Both job seekers and employees feel frustrated by delays in response, lack of transparency, or challenges in accessing systems (particularly those who are not desk-bound). This can lower engagement or damage company culture.

In extreme cases, organisations may face labour unrest or legal action, if employees feel unfairly disadvantaged.


How about using a chatbot to help you solve some of these challenges?

By replacing manual recruitment and HR processes with a workflow-driven chatbot, HR teams can offer an “always-on” engagement, leading to reduced manual data capture and improved response rates. Data collected by the chatbot - including documents, location, and video - can be shared seamlessly with any integrated ATS and/or HR system.



What could you automate?

There are a number of ways you could automate your recruitment and/or HR processes using a chatbot. With these methods, you can streamline recruiting & HR tasks, significantly lighten the load on your team, and make improvements to your processes overall. In the end, this will save you both time and money. Below are some options for automation:


Requisition approval and endorsement
  • Use a dedicated workflow to provide approval for recruitment to begin, or endorse internal applications.

High-volume recruitment screening

  • Automate applicant screening and engagement at scale, including regret letters and data collection.

Engagement during recruitment
  • Invite selected candidates to complete screening interviews, confirm interview attendance or provide feedback on their experience. Not only does this make things easier for your HR team, but it also improves the experience that candidates have with your organisation.

Post-hire engagement
  • Use feedback from new hires and hiring managers to constantly improve the recruitment experience.

Employee self-development
  • Provide 360-degree feedback reports (based on inputs from invited colleagues) for employees wishing to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Recognition and engagement
  • Invite employees to recognise colleagues for good work. Solicit feedback from employees about their morale and engagement levels.

  • Encourage employees to instantly update their details, submit grievances or leave requests and access policy information at any time. Administration becomes a breeze, rather than a tedious task if you are using this method.

Recruitment referrals
  • Eagles fly together! Capture and reward employees for referring on-target applications.

  • Ensure a compliant and efficient voluntary employee exit.


The Bottom Line

WhatsApp/ SMS/ mobile web + workflow-driven chatbot = an incredibly powerful channel to save paper, time and costs by automating your recruitment & HR processes.


About txthr

txthr is a workflow-driven chatbot enabling recruitment and HR process automation at scale using WhatsApp, SMS and/or mobile web channels. Schedule a demo to understand how a chatbot can help drive improved talent performance across your organisation.