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Recruiting In A Hybrid Working Era

Recruiting in the hybrid working era is challenging. HR has had to rethink hiring processes, blending traditional recruitment methods with virtual hiring tools.

Here we give some guidance to help you re-engineer how your organisation’s recruits.


What Is Hybrid Recruiting?

Hybrid recruiting is all about blending virtual tools with traditional hiring strategies to create smarter processes.

For example, the global pandemic meant companies were forced to increasingly depend on hiring software and connected platforms to build and manage talent relationships. But, post-pandemic, face-to-face engagement has made a comeback.

 Hybrid recruiting is about taking advantage of all available methods. Top businesses pick the combination of old and new to best serve their recruiting process. By combining technology with traditional hiring methods, employers can reach and connect to a broader talent pool.



Trends Emerging From This New Era Of Recruiting


  • A Balance Between Old And New

Virtual interviews and using automated screening save companies time and money during recruitment. But, the human aspect is still a necessary part of this process.

Hybrid recruiting combines technology and software resources with traditional methods like in-person interviews and job fairs.

  • Recruiting From A Wider Field

With the right HR and management tools, employees can be recruited entirely independently of the employer’s location. This means businesses now have access to a bigger talent pool. Unfortunately, long-distance recruiting has also seen an increase in employees being poached by companies with more attractive employment offers.

  • Less Time In The Office

In most cases, the traditional function of office space is changing - the new normal trends towards flexible office hours. Employees may work from home and come into the office a few days a week.



Tips For Recruiting In A Hybrid Working Era


  • Make The Most Of Available Recruiting Tools

You can use various recruiting resources at different steps of the hiring process. For example, virtual screening technology can help you sift through large numbers of applications and single out suitable candidates. Tools such as AI for resume scanning or candidate questionnaires can ensure that you only see pre-qualified applicants for in-person interviews and skill assessments.

  • Show Transparency

In this hybrid work environment, transparency is important. Being clear about expectations and emphasising organisational goals helps reduce future problems between employees and employers.

Define employee expectations and be open about issues like salary and work hours. Provide as much information as possible before an interview through detailed job adverts.

  • Let Feedback Drive Change

Gathering feedback through ratings, feedback forms, and interactive surveys helps identify and rectify any issues with the recruiting process. The organisation can then make real-time changes to improve the recruitment strategy and keep up with ongoing change.



We're Here To Help

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