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Secure SaaS Delivery

Ensuring Reliability & Security for Your Recruitment Operations

In today's digital era, data security, availability, and reliability are non-negotiable. At graylink, we understand this, which is why our secure AWS SaaS delivery features provide a robust foundation for your recruitment operations.

HTTPS & Encryption at Rest

With HTTPS protocols and encryption at rest, graylink ensures the highest level of security for your data during transit and storage. This feature protects your sensitive recruitment data from cyber threats and ensures compliance with global data protection regulations.

AWS Hosting

As a client of graylink, you benefit from the extensive capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS hosting guarantees high availability and scalability for your recruitment operations, ensuring that your recruitment processes run smoothly, even as your needs evolve. Furthermore, our automated backup system on AWS safeguards your data, offering you the assurance of data recovery in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Technical Support

graylink offers comprehensive technical support to resolve any system-related issues that you might encounter. Our team of skilled professionals is always on hand to provide immediate assistance and ensure your operations are not disrupted.

Technical SLA 

Our technical SLA underlines our commitment to offering consistent, high-quality service. It sets out the specific terms for system uptime, issue resolution times, and other service parameters, so you know exactly what level of service to expect.

Trust that your recruitment processes will always be secure, available, and effective

Our cutting-edge cloud-based recruitment software combined with the reliability of AWS ensures you have the solution you need to lead in the evolving world of recruitment.