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"The people with the best people win

Organisations with the best people win. But finding, keeping and managing talent can be a significant ongoing challenge.  Our digital talent solutions help employers automate manual processes to recruit, retain and reorganise talent quickly, efficiently, and for less.

enterprise recruitment software

Take control of your recruitment

Recruitment is complex. Neptune is configurable cloud software to help your organisation take control of all it’s recruitment processes – including internal, external, contract, internship, and graduate recruiting – with one platform .

mobile recruiting chatbot

Recruit, conversationally

Delivering an accessible candidate experience is critical for recruiting success. txthire is a multi-channel, conversational chatbot for recruitment and talent referral automation. Ideal for high volume blue-collar response handling automation!

Frictionless HR engagement

Managed manually, HR processes are slow, inefficient and costly. txthr is a multi-channel, conversational chatbot for frictionless HR process automation and talent engagement. Perfect for non-desk workers!

Source passive talent via referrals

According to 88% of employers, talent referrals are the most successful source of hire. txrtrefer is a chatbot for talent referral automation. Integrates with your existing ATS to extend your talent sourcing reach.

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Enterprise Clients

Our clients

"Neptune is the core of our recruitment strategy. It’s how we manage recruitment across the business and it works very effectively"
Group Talent Acquisition Manager
"txthire enables us to save time and eliminate waste, resulting in our HR personnel being able to focus on more meaningful work"
Recruitment Manager
"Cloudrecruit is a very simple yet effective ATS. It is very easy to use and is an essential part of our recruitment process"
Hello Group
Recruitment Specialist