Carl WarburgHead of Product

I’m a creator. I look at the world around me and the things in it, and strive to understand how it all works. I relentlessly try to improve what I encounter; few things frustrate me as much as badly-conceived, -designed or -executed objects and systems. I subscribe to the notion that it’s easy but not helpful to complain – action is where value starts manifesting. A generalist by nature, I am interested in almost anything, always hopeful that an insight might yield a connection between seemingly unrelated things and point to a novel – possibly superior – approach.

A champion of user-centered design, with a strong focus on usability, I am less interested in “clever” technology than I am in useful objects that add real value to the lives of those that use them.

I have strong experience in managing digital production teams from concept stage through to deployment into market, and a solid track record of managing diverse teams of skilled specialists.