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Use Stack Overflow to source top quality talent, extend employer branding, and drive organic referrals.

Sourcing top quality talent through Stack Overflow

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Developers trust Stack Overflow as their go-to site to answer technical questions and problems, and they respond favourably to employers who use the Stack Overflow hiring platform.

More than 27 million developers visit Stack Overflow every month. As the largest resource for professional developers, Stack Overflow provides answers to virtually every programming question.

graylink has an establish relationship with Stack Overflow that provides for the tech recruitment needs of our clients, as well as guidance on the latest trends in this industry. Regularly used by both active and passive candidates, Stack Overflow is perfect for employer branding, and communicating employer value propositions. In combination with promoted vacancies, this has shown excellent ROI for many of graylink’s clients.

Reduced sourcing costs

Elevated Employer Brand

Improved time-to-hire

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