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Use Facebook to source top quality talent, extend employer branding, and drive organic referrals.

Sourcing top quality talent through Facebook

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Transform Facebook into a source of top quality talent, extending your employer brand, driving organic referrals, and efficiently addressing your target audience with tailored job ads.

With one in every five minutes online spent on Facebook and 1,6 billion users worldwide, why not leverage the power of social to help you recruit?

graylink’s sourcing solutions allow you to access this relatively untapped resource directly. Each vacancy is posted directly to your corporate Facebook page, allowing followers and fans to either apply for the vacancy or share it with their friends. The native Facebook application has job alerts that are setup from within Facebook, immediately alerting app users when a vacancy matching their preferences is posted.

The true power of Facebook is that it allows you to build campaigns that target very specific demographics and users, including age, interest, location or education. Pairing your Facebook job listings with targeted ad campaigns can yield interest from highly targeted talent groups. Strategic recruitment can give your company the edge to beat the competition and win the recruitment war.

Facebook provides an innovative, social, and highly targeted platform for clients to directly address specific recruitment audiences using individual job campaigns.

Reduced sourcing costs

Elevated Employer Brand

Improved time-to-hire

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