Mobilise your HR workloads with txthr

Multi-channel employee engagement chatbot to mobilise HR processes

Improve HR efficiency with txthr, a mobile employee engagement chatbot. Pre-configured workflows allow you to quickly activate a number of HR recruitment workloads via txt, mobi and/ or IM channels.  Additionally, bespoke workflows can also be configured to cater for organisation-specific requirements. And webhooks can be provisioned for seamless bi-directional data exchange with your internal systems including ATS, HRMS, Payroll, ERP and CRM.

  • > ESS
  • > Leave
  • > Time & Attendance
  • > Performance Management
  • > Recognition
  • > Engagement Surveys
  • > Offboarding
  • > Compliance
  • > Policies & Procedures
  • > Grievances
  • > Interview feedback
  • > New requisition request
  • > Requisition approval 
  • > Refer a friend 
  • Candidate experience survey 
  • Update my details 
  • Add / Update my work experience / Add / Update my qualification 
  • Internal endorsement  
  • Complete a screening interview 
  • RSVP 
  • External references 
  • New employee check-in 
  • Intention to stay 
  • Offboarding interview 
  • FAQ
  • > Internal endorsement
  • > Line manager interview feedback
  • > Line Manager quarterly check-in
  • > New requisition request
  • > Requisition approval 

Key Features

Anytime, anywhere engagement

Enable HR and Hiring Managers to engage via a wide range of convenient campaign channels – Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, mobile web and SMS. Feature phones welcome!

Bespoke application workflows

Automate tedious and time-consuming HR workloads with custom workflows.

API for seamless data exchange

Deliver seamless internal HR process automation by integrating your internal systems with txthr.

Bespoke reporting & dashboards

Make informed decisions from actionable insights using txthr’s powerful report builder. Output segmented reporting data to .csv, Google Sheets or online. Automate report delivery via email. Surface key trends and insights with interactive dashboards using powerful BI tools.

Also included

  • Secure cloud delivery

    With AWS you benefit from a data center, network architecture and application built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

  • Highly configurable

    txthr's high degree of configurability allows it to address both organisation and process specific requirements.

  • Fully supported

    Our local support team understands the unique challenges faced by our clients in local markets. We provide unique insight & best practice understanding to help drive your recruiting success.

  • Multi-channel engagement

    Maximise candidate accessibility via a range of chatbot channels - Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, mobile web and SMS.

  • Highly scalable

    AWS infrastructure allows txthr to scale to meet your organisation's future high volume recruitment needs.

  • Interoperable

    Deliver seamless internal business process automation by integrating your internal systems with txthr's API.