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Mobile messaging solution for automating the screening and filtering of job applications.

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SMS & Instant Messaging Chatbot to Pre-screen Job Applications

Organisations who recruit and retain the best talent have distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Recruitment is business critical. But, recruitment is often difficult, fraught with a number of significant challenges…

graylink builds innovative mobile recruitment software designed to help organisations take advantage of the unique opportunities of mobile recruiting in Africa and recruit better talent quicker, more efficiently and for less.

For most African job-seekers, access to the Internet is rather limited. Aggressive smartphone penetration promises to change this, but significant barriers to smartphone uptake still exists – including high data costs, expensive handsets and limited 3G+ connectivity outside urban areas.

txthire is a secure, cloud-based chatbot platform for recruitment process mobilisation. txthire enables application filtering,  talent pool pre-screening and referral management via SMS and IM channels.

“txthire has been designed to meet the needs of candidates who may not have a PC or a smartphone.” – Gartner

Engage applicants anytime, anywhere

Reach Candidates without Internet Access

Automate Job Application Screening

Gain critical recruitment insights

How txthire Works

  • Convenient Application Process

    Candidates apply via SMS or Instant Messaging and receive personalised, automated communications.

  • Automated Response Management

    Automated bulk pre-screening, scoring, and regretting of candidates, with signed-off job templates.

  • Scheduled Reporting

    Configurable campaign data reporting and easy online access for recruiters & hiring managers.

  • External Systems Interface

    Campaign data output integration options for ATS / HRMS / ERP systems.




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