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Build and nurture a talent pipeline of qualified and engaged candidates to fill high-demand jobs and gain competitive advantage.

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Proactive or Reactive?

Are you struggling with long lead times in sourcing new hires? You may be recruiting reactively, limiting the effectiveness of sustained talent search by focusing on a per-hire strategy. Proactive recruitment looks ahead at the strategic recruitment needs of your business, in order to anticipate future potential hires. Proactive recruitment relies on a well organized talent pipeline with effective means of searching and interacting with potential hires. A talent pipeline is a pool of engaged candidates built around your hiring requirements, who are identified and kept engaged with your company.

Talent Pipeline Software & Search

graylink’s Neptune recruitment software offers the best tools for talent pipelining in its core functionality. Configurable talent folders allow for the storage, search and interaction with pools of qualified candidates. Notifications alert recruiters to new talent that meets the base criteria of a talent pool, allowing for further screening and engagement. Search, score, and classify talent with powerful concept searching tools.

Build Talent Pipelines

Neptune provides the tools to fully embrace proactive recruitment practices, using advanced talent pipelining functionality. Building and nurturing talent pipelines will lower the time required to hire for future posts, allowing your company to stay ahead of the curve and on top of its talent requirements.




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