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Use configurable reporting and analytics to make informed decisions with accurate and timely insights.

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Lacking Recruitment Insight?

Making improvements to the recruitment process can be challenging due to lack of information and insight. The most well-utilized recruitment metric is turn-around time or time to hire, which describes how long it takes to fill a given position. Improvements to recruiting process most often aim to reduce time to hire, whether this is achieved by using more effective recruitment channels to source talent, or improving the recruitment team’s performance. Sustainable gains cannot be achieved without data-based insight.

Metrics for Improvement

Neptune offers detailed insights on the turn-around time of jobs, source of hires, recruiting channel performance, demographics, and recruiter performance. These metrics are made available displayed in a centralised dashboard, or in more detail via customizable downloadable CSV data reports.

Identifying Opportunities

Neptune’s recruitment reports and analyses can be used to feed back into and improve the recruiting process. Whether through improved sourcing channel targeting or training of recruiting staff, the best gains are made through informed decision-making based on insighftul recruiting data.




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