Central Recruitment Database

Securely store your recruitment data, including CVs, jobs and candidates, in a central private database.

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Fragmented recruiting data?

Ad-hoc recruitment data storage usually involves an array of spreadsheets, filing cabinets, and email inboxes each filled different data. In short, a messy affair. Many use online databases as a part of this mix, where applicants become part of a communal pool of talent. The issue here is that competing companies have an equal shot at your desired candidate! With this fragmented setup, ensuring the privacy and security of your applicant’s personal data can become a real headache in terms of audit compliance.

Centralised database

The Neptune recruitment platform offers a centralised database where different document types related to candidates and the recruitment process can be stored and accessed by many users from an organisation. This database is private, meaning that only your organisation’s staff has access to it, though external users like recruitment agencies may be permitted to contribute as needed. Customizable user roles provide the required control over access to the system, and audit trails provide information on access or changes to applicant data.

Centralise for efficiency

The Neptune recruitment system enables organisations to centralise their recruitment data and processes, improving efficiency and accountability. Building up a dedicated private pool of candidates builds competitive advantage for the firm, as these candidates cannot be picked up by competing companies when kept in a private database. Configurable user permissions and audit trails result in secure databases that are compliance-ready.




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