Requisition Process Management

Develop an approved job requisitions library for easy access and job posting automation, while ensuring that internal governance requirements are met.

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Process vs Practise

Job requisitions in large enterprises have many moving parts and dependencies. It’s not simply a matter of posting a job ad for a position, but a series of steps of needs analysis and coordination between HR and the department in need of hires. If not embedded and actively practised within the recruitment system, a sound recruitment strategy becomes worth little more than the paper it’s printed on.

Recruitment workflows & audits

Neptune offers integrated job requisitions functionality, builtĀ around a central library for easy access and job posting automation. Administrators can control the quality of requisitions, and assign various stakeholders with view/edit privileges as needed. Configurable workflows within the platform allow for customized approaches to the recruitment process. Audit trails allow managers and auditors to examine and explore the steps followed in individual requisition processes.

Embed your requisition process

Neptune’s job requisition workflows allow the entire recruitment requisition process to be aligned with organisation-specific needs and strategies. Administrators can configure and allow for various stakeholder inputs into the requisition process. Audit trails ensure that internal governance requirements are adhered to, and accountability is embedded. Neptune enables the particulars of organisations’ individual recruitment strategies to be embedded directly into the platform.




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