Candidate Relationship Management Software

Nurture candidate relationships by automating personalised communication and engagement during the recruitment process.

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Have you let them know?

Responding to hundreds of individual job applications can quickly become an administrative nightmare. Dear John, or was it Peter? Many applicants don’t receive any responses at all, and some may be accidently excluded from the processĀ if an email requesting additional information is sent to the wrong address. These are all problems solved by an effective candidate relationship management system, integrated into your recruitment process.

Configurable communication tools

Neptune allows recruiters to notify candidates of their progress through the recruitment process with personalised communications, individually addressed to the recipients stored email addresses. Bulk communication templates can be setup by individual recruiters or by the company’s HR administrator, to ensure that company communication guidelines are adhered to.

Keep your candidates in the loop

Ensure that your candidates are kept in the loop on the status of their job applications by using customisable bulk communications tools to update individual applicants of their progress. Ensure that your employer brand is protected and advanced by using communication templates built and approved by your own marketing and HR departments.




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