Applicant Tracking System

Use configurable candidate tracking systems to track, filter, and screen job applicants through the recruitment process.

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Are You Keeping Track?

Keeping track of job applicants at different stages of the recruitment process can be a headache without the right system in place. Knowing which applicants are viable candidates for the position is challenging with thousands of applications at hand. Recruiters are also expected to explain what stages candidates passed through along the way. Without an effective system to keep on top of this, you could be missing out on top talent.

Applicant Tracking Software

Neptune’s powerful job tracking software allows you to use configurable candidate workflows to track, filter and screen job applicants throughout the recruitment process.

Application status workflows provide an intuitive sequential hiring process, giving recruiters the power to move applicants through a series of job application statuses. Candidates can be easily moved or removed from the process in bulk, based on customizable screening criteria.

Filtering and screening can be applied in bulk to groups of applicants whose qualifications or responses to application questionnaires qualify or disqualify them from making the short-list for a given job.

No Candidate Left Behind

Neptune’s applicant tracking system empowers talent acquisition managers to configure custom application workflows, and establish criteria for tracking and screening candidates throughout the application process. This allows recruiters to work within a system that enforces rational filtering and screening processes, and ensures that no candidates are simply ‘forgotten’ along the way.




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