1-Click Job Posting

Advertise to candidates across key job websites with one click from Neptune’s online recruitment platform.

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Why waste time?

Posting a job to a variety of job boards by copy-pasting the content is not only inefficient, it also creates room for error. Potential applicants use a variety of platforms to search for jobs, be these job boards, search engines or social networks, or personal networks. Advertising jobs to all of these platforms by copy pasting job adverts is a nightmare.

1-Click Job Advertising

Neptune offers 1-click job advertising to a range of key free and paid platforms, redirecting applicants back to the centralised, brand-aligned careers website. Applicants from other sources like internal recruitment, graduate recruitment, referrals, or recruitment agencies are fully supported, and the recruitment software tracks the candidate’s source of application.

Efficient, hassle-free job posting

For businesses advertising multiple positions across multiple job portals, reducing the administrative burden of recruitment advertising is a neccessity. Neptune’s 1-click job posting functionality brings automation to this process, enabling improvements in efficiency, and reductions in costs and errors.




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