Social Networking – graylink featured in ITWeb (Feature Article), June 2009

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Excerpt from a feature article on ITWeb, asking the question “Has the corporate world hopped onto the social networking bandwagon? And more importantly, why should it?”

“Social networking is relevant as more than just a tool to interact with customers, however. Says Graylink head Mark Gray: “Social networking offers faster, cheaper and more effective communication, networking and collaboration, especially when it comes to recruitment. Compared with the cost of newspaper recruitment classifieds, social networking sites are much cheaper to push out information about a company.

Easily segmentable groups of very active audiences on these sites make it easier to reach the right people than the untargeted approach of newspaper advertising. Additionally, the neutral environment social networks provide to share information makes it much easier for companies to start conversations with top candidates, as they don’t feel they’re being sold to.”

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