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Tailored recruitment consulting services to develop strategy, support change, and build internal capability.

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Tailored recruitment consulting

Organisations who recruit and retain the best talent have distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Recruitment is business critical. But, recruitment strategy and capability often lags behind creating inefficiencies in recruitment practices…

graylink offers tailored consulting solutions designed to help organisations navigate the unique challenges of recruiting in Africa and recruit better talent quicker, more efficiently and for less.

Recruitment transformation is a bespoke offering designed to address the need for strategic recruitment practices, improved capability and change management needs of businesses.

Our recruitment transformation solutions are borne out of 15 years of experience across multiple sectors in the region. Our bespoke offerings enable our clients to implement innovative and proactive Talent Acquisition Strategies, enhance their recruitment approaches, build recruiter capability and embed change.

People-driven Services

Talent Strategy

Change Management

Capability Development

Talent Strategy


A progressive and efficient Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Strategy is the base for effective recruitment. This strategy is founded on and tailored to the organisation’s vision, key priorities and resourcing needs. Key talent strategy offerings include:

  • Talent Strategy & Implementation Audits
  • Talent Forum & Strategy Development
  • Strategy Implementation

Change management

Few organisations commit adequate resource or have capability to manage and embed change optimally. Our Recruitment Transformation services are backed by well tested change methodologies and a wealth of experience.

  • Assess change readiness and capability

  • Engage leadership & team, identify resistance

  • Design change plan & interventions

  • Implement change plan

  • Review, celebrate successes and reinforce change

Capability Development

“Winning the Talent War” requires new skills and knowledge. Recruitment teams need to shift from transactional processes to a more strategic, segmented approach that proactively engages to find talent. Our packaged and bespoke solutions assess the capability needs of your recruitment team and can include:

  • Capability Development Needs Analysis
  • Training and Development Planning
  • Skills Development & Certification
capability development

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