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Just take one look at the career section of any newspaper classifieds and it is clear that many organisations are still using traditional methods to recruit.

Statistics suggest that roughly 50% of corporate companies currently use traditional recruitment methods (newspapers,post,fax etc) while up to 60% rely heavily on recruitment agencies for their supply of certain talent. These are by far not the most efficient or the quickest ways to recruit.

There are numerous costs and risks associated with manual recruitment process management methods, such as:

  • Inefficiencies and slow turn-around-times to hire
  • High recruitment costs (especially from recruitment agencies)
  • Non-compliance to legal, labour and corporate governance requirements
  • Poor knowledge and database management
  • Limited business intelligence
  • The inability to reach potential talent
  • Low levels of engagement with candidates
  • Negative perception of employer brand

Better ways to recruit include using online recruitment software which improves reach of job adverts, reduces costs and improves recruiter productivity. Moreover, by using online recruitment software, a company can improve its knowledge management, enhance its business intelligence and ensure legal compliance. Lastly, candidates are more engaged building the credibility of the employers brand.

Online recruiting can be broken down into two key areas, namely candidate sourcing (advertising the job) and candidate management (managing applications to the job).

For candidate sourcing, three common online recruitment tools are used to maximise the reach of job adverts:

  • Job aggregators: Hosting thousands of jobs from all the major job boards and company career websites. e.g., Careerjet, Simplyhired and others. These aggregators rank well on search engines, showing your vacancy to more potential applicants.
  • Job boards (both general and niche ): Connecting employers with job seekers. e.g., Careerbuilder and Having your company’s vacancies listed here will further increase your reach.
  • Social media: Interactive web platforms allowing deep-targeted searches and relationships between employers & prospects. Since everyone belongs to a combination of social media websites, this again improves your sourcing chances.

The most common tool used for candidate management is called an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS allows employers to filter and search large volumes of applications, track the recruiting process, automate communications (e.g. to regret candidates), draw key metrics and build talent pipelines. These are only some of the many tasks a good ATS can perform.

The business impact of not fully utlising online to recruit is significant – loss of competitive advantage by not recruiting the right talent quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. If you are not using any recruitment software or online methods to fill vacancies, the time to start is now.

For more information on moving your recruiting process online, contact graylink, a leader in the provision of web & mobile recruitment software with operations in Africa, Middle East and Europe. graylink delivers it’s solutions to over 300 large corporate and government organisations located across more than 74 countries.

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