It’s happening. Millennials are steadily overtaking older staff as South Africa’s largest representative generation of workers, introducing an entirely new mindset that businesses will have to master to recruit and retain the new workforce.

In the US, Millennials are defined as people born between 1980 and 2000. South African Millennials or “Afrillennials” as a Student Village study has named them were born from 1990 onwards, and have been influenced by major local cultural, political and economic shifts.

Afrillennials aged 16-26 currently make up almost 10% of all employed workers. By 2025, this group together with the new batch of young workers will add up to nearly 40% of the workforce. By 2030, the original group and their successors will make up about 75% of all staff.

But Afrillennials have completely different needs and expectations of the workplace than previous generations, which will require new thinking to attract and integrate them.


graylink recently told BizCommunity all about what Afrillennials really want, where HR goes wrong, what business should do to recruit & retain them, and where to start.

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