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Chatbot to automate employee talent referrals

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Employee talent referrals

How it works

  • Easy to initate

    Referrer initiates process on WhatsApp, mobile web and/or SMS.

  • Personalised invite

    Personalised SMS or email invitation sent to referee

  • Quick complete

    Referee accepts invitation and completes a quick process, capturing requested information via WhatsApp, mobile web and/or SMS.

  • Success

    Referrer receives SMS or email notification of referee registering

  • Data exchange

    Referee and referrer data exchanged with your ATS, or emailed to pre-defined recipients

  • Review

    Recruiter reviews referred talent in ATS, or spreadsheet

Key features

Convenient access

Runs on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. Mobile web and SMS chatbots can also be added – and used either independently, or simultaneously


Supports your specific referral process, data, and security requirements

Capture data, in-chat

Caters for multiple file types and formats including documents, media (video and audio), and location


Engages users with personalised conversations throughout the process, programatically

Interfaces with your ATS

Plugs into your existing recruiting workflow/ system via API

Audit trails

Keeps account of who referred whom when, and generate referral reports

Also included

  • Secure cloud delivery

    With AWS you benefit from a data center, network architecture and application built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

  • Highly configurable

    txthire's high degree of configurability allows it to address both organisation and process specific requirements.

  • Fully supported

    Our local support team understands the unique challenges faced by our clients in local markets. We provide unique insight & best practice understanding to help drive your recruiting success.

  • Multi-channel engagement

    Maximise candidate accessibility via a range of chatbot channels - Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, mobile web and SMS.

  • Highly scalable

    AWS infrastructure allows txthire to scale to meet your organisation's future high volume recruitment needs.

  • Interoperable

    Deliver seamless internal business process automation by integrating your internal systems with txthire's API.