Online Recruitment: Taking HR from dirt road to six-lane highway

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Mark Gray, head of cloud recruiting company, graylink, believes automating a recruitment process can help companies dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of their recruitment practices whilst significantly reducing cost.

South African companies are still missing out on the cost savings, productivity gains and hiring efficiencies enabled by next generation online recruitment solutions. CVs collecting in mountains of paper at fax machines, job adverts stating upfront rejection if no return communication is issued within a month, and weeks spent wading through irrelevant applications to draw up candidate short-lists are still the status quo in most local businesses.

There’s a better way to do things. “Online recruitment”, a broad term used to categorize an increasingly diverse set of electronic recruitment solutions, enables companies to exploit web and mobile platforms to recruit the best talent quicker, more efficiently and for less. By engaging candidates direct through web and mobile platforms, companies can build up deep pools of quality candidates for current and future job openings. Online recruitment is also a powerful marketing tool, helping recruiters better manage their interaction with candidates to preserve relationships and reflect a positive brand image that will keep attracting the best people to the business.

Online recruitment has matured significantly in the last ten years, enabling recruiters to do many new things. Sophisticated recruitment automation solutions provide configurable workflow allowing an offline recruitment process to be emulated online – from creating, approving and publishing a new job requisition through to automated application screening and tracking. Jobs can be distributed with 1-click to many platforms, including targeted websites, search engines and social media platforms. For example, eQuest syndicates job content to hundreds of online job boards in seconds. Candidate communication can be automated via web and mobile channels for more effective interaction. Sophisticated CV database searches can quickly uncover suitable candidates by relevance. And software can interface with third party systems via web services to deliver richer recruiting functionality, for example, 1-click reference checking or testing.

As the online recruitment market has evolved and the available options exploded, the key challenge for recruiters is choosing the right mix of online recruiting solutions that will be most effective in helping achieve the desired outcome. Working with a business that has experience in the online recruiting space will help you navigate some pitfalls including business process engineering, legal requirements, data management storage, security and online enablement.

During the next few years, more diverse job roles and pressure to find the right skills will require HR professionals to spend even more face time with candidates in interviews, making sure applicants are who they say they are, have the needed skills, and fit the company culture. Online recruitment can help alleviate the admin burden on recruiters so they can spend their time where it really matters – guiding human capital requirements for a strategic competitive advantage. Working with the right online recruitment partner will help ensure that this actually happens.

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