We recently polled a number of corporate organisations across South Africa to understand how they’re currently going about sourcing talent. Here are some trends that you need to be thinking about as you shape your talent sourcing and recruitment strategy…


1. Print advertising continues to diminish
This might not be new news but job advertising spend continues to shift away from print media to digital. High levels of mobile penetration and increasingly cost effective internet access has shifted the way in which South Africans access information.

2.Digital advertising spend also continues to shift with job board advertising being eroded by job aggregators and social media.

3. Social media continues to dominate audience attention. Surprisingly, very few organisations across South Africa are taking full advantage of this opportunity to drive cost effective brand engagement and enhanced talent reach.

4. Coupled with measurability, adaptability and targetability, digital recruitment advertising holds the trump cards for advertisers wishing to engage with specific candidate audiences, measure campaign performance and optimise campaigns for improved ROI.

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