How to recruit more efficiently

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Traditional recruitment processes are associated with long turnaround times, high costs and inefficiency, leading to a loss of competitive advantage. The key to increasing efficiency within the recruiting process is to utilise online recruitment software. Online recruiting can bring about major process improvements and efficiencies when done correctly.

Take a typical offline recruiting process into account where employers obtain large responses from campaigns advertised (often several at once) in offline media such as newspapers. CV’s arrive in different shapes and forms, those via post/fax are piled into boxes and those via email are stored in the recruiter’s email account. It then becomes the task of a recruiter to start manually sorting these large volumes of CV’s, the reality being that many CV’s are never even taken into account.

Typical recruiting inefficiencies of the manual process also include a massive amount of working hours required to process and review CV’s. Sometimes the applications are incorrectly screened, resulting in further inefficiencies down the line.

As mentioned, many CV’s are never processed due to overwhelming volumes. One of the most common problems is that a large number of applications received do not meet the minimum criteria for the position, wasting time further. Most companies currently don’t use an applicant tracking system to see which media CV’s are coming in from, making it difficult to determine which channels are performing better than others.

To quote a recent statistic, it is suggested that currently around 50% of corporate companies still use traditional methods such as newspapers and post, fax or email to recruit.

Online recruiting, specifically using e-recruitment software or an ATS (applicant tracking system) can bring about immediate recruitment efficiencies including:

  • Automated and immediate placement of vacancies across job aggregators, job boards and social media sites driving relevant applicant response
  • CV’s and applications stored centrally, all in one standardised format
  • Auto-screening and regret communications for candidates who do not meet the minimum criteria for the position
  • Searching for applications by keywords (e.g. pharmacy) or structured fields (e.g. minimum level of qualification = graduate degree)
  • Scoring and ranking of CV’s from most relevant to least relevant
  • Reports and insights allowing identification of bottlenecks & process breakdowns for improvements

Businesses with an inefficient recruiting process are quickly losing competitive advantage. There is a better way to recruit – using systems which can be implemented quickly & easily, allowing companies to recruit quicker, more efficiently and for less.

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