A faberNovel Study: LinkedIn, the Serious Network.

 In Social Recruiting

225 Million profiles
2 New users every second
2.1 Million groups
1.9 Million Richard Branson subscribers

10 Years after launching, LinkedIn continues to drive home the necessity of cultivating your online professional network. Offering so much more than just a CV library for recent college grads, LinkedIn’s online sourcing and recruitment solutions offer innovative tools to improve personal branding. In short, LinkedIn is disrupting the professional world’s hierarchies.

The company is ambitious: following the like of Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon, LinkedIn intends to build its own platform, which will definitely be business-oriented. Through recruiting, professional publishing and business development tools, LinkedIn is setting up a complete ecosystem of services. Thanks to its “professional graph” and stockpiles of data, LinkedIn multiplies value-added services (intranet, productivity tools, professional expertise marketplaces) and becomes a vital B2B tool in the professional realm.

faberNovel, the innovation firm behind studies on Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google, exposes what lies behind LinkedIn’s mission statement: “Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”. We dig into the business model, strategy and the ways LinkedIn will become the digital business of the New Economy.

In this study, faberNovel addresses how Linkedin will revolutionize not only the business world, but how the social network will impact our work life and culture. The study:

– Focuses on the network’s size and impact
– Deciphers both its business model and ecosystem
– Identifies its strengths and future challenges
– Forecasts its future evolutions

Whether you are a CEO, HR, CTO, or CMO, we will give you the keys you need to get the most out of LinkedIn.


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