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Organisations face disruptions on multiple fronts. Digitization, generational divides, and the rise of the gig economy have made restructuring an inevitability. 

Managing a restructuring process manually is highly inefficient and risks procedural non-compliance. Using our industry knowledge and proprietary cloud software we help organisations manage the people-side of restructuring at scale both efficiently and compliantly.

  • Improve transparency & trust

  • Enforce legal & governance compliance

  • Manage the process efficiently


Reduce anxiety and fear by keeping all affected stakeholders up-to-date with the right information and at the right time.


Improve efficiency, consistency and compliance at scale by automating your process.


Reduce risk by tracking and alerting non.-compliance.

Key features

  • Segregated data

    Private database for secure data storage, access and retrieval.

  • Robust & compliant process

    Transparent and fair process aligned to localised labour legislation.

  • Role-based access

    Provision users with different roles and permissions for process control.

  • Powerful reporting

    Custom dashboard and reports for powerful BI and detailed audits.

  • Easily accessible

    Mobile responsive website for improved user engagement.

  • Fits to support your need

    Configurable templates & workflows to accomodate organisation-specific requirements.

  • Seamless data exchange

    Bi-directional API for data ingestion and export.

Also included

  • Secure cloud delivery

    Benefit from a data center, network architecture and application built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

  • Fully supported

    Our local support team understands the unique challenges faced by our clients. We provide unique insight & understanding to help drive your recruiting success.

  • Multi-channel engagement

    Maximise accessibility with custom-branded mobile-responsive websites and a chatbot available via SMS, Facebook Messenger and/ or mobile web channels.

  • Interoperable

    Deliver seamless internal business process automation by integrating your internal systems with our bi-directional APIs.

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